Why You Should Use Red Beans in Meals

 What is your favorite meal to make with red beans?

When it comes to using beans, here is a red beans recipe that you can try out to see how well you like it! For me, I love to use red beans for chili and now that it's fall weather, I will be making it quite often soon enough. There are so many different things that you can use red beans for, but one thing I always use them for is when I am making a crockpot of chili!

I love to cook my chili all day - cook on high for two hours with just the hamburger and red beans, then for 7 hours on low, and of course throughout the day you will want to make sure that you stir it so that it cooks thoroughly and fully.

Once it's done, it's delicious and tasty especially if you use two diced onions like I do! My husband is the one who originally showed me how to make chili and we tend to make it quite often throughout the winter with cold nights and such too, just a meal that everyone in the family likes to have. 

Here is our chili the last time I made it several weeks ago for dinner one night. 

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