Vont Motion Senor Light is Great for Hallways

 *Disclaimer - I received the product in this post as part of an Intellifluence campaign for Vont.

Are you looking for a good quality night light?

When it comes to night lights, I have been looking for one that will be a good option for the hallway between our room and daughter's room in case they wake up, they can see in the hallway. 

This motion sensor light from Vont, is a great set of 6 motion sensored lights that have a magnet in the back, that also has a strong sticker to put on the wall that the light will cling to once it's attached to it. It works well and needs 3 AAA batteries in it, which is easy to put them in, the back.

We will be putting one in each of our kids' rooms as well so they have a light that will work lighter than the big light, for at night and better yet it is motion sensored which I really like too. You can get these for just $18.99 on Amazon!

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