Lots of Fun for Everyone with Play Wild Outdoor Swing

 *Disclaimer - I received the product in this post and am receiving payment, as a sponsored post from Play Wild, in order to facilitate this review. 

Are you looking for a FUN way to spend time as a family outdoors?

I was excited when I found out that I'd be able to work with the brand Play Wild, as they have some really awesome products out that are perfect for kids! The product we got that our kids absolutely love is called the 40" saucer swing for kids, and you can get this right on their website for just $59.99 right now! I was also sent the tree swings hanging straps kit which is $18.59 on their website.

My husband and oldest son helped get this saucer swing put together this morning and then my husband added an addition onto our kids playset to be able to put it somewhere that there was plenty of room for it to swing with our kids on it safely and not bump into anything! 

Once he set up the board to hang the saucer swing from for the kids, he got the swing put in place correctly and it was ready to use and swing on! And, let me tell you they LOVE IT! They were on it for quite a while once he had it ready to use. It looks like so much fun, and the great thing about it is that it holds up to 4 kids on it at one time, as well as a total of 400 lbs in weight! 

Our oldest daughter is twelve and loves going on this swing so far too, with our younger kids. Of course, I give them a decent push and it lasts a little while before slowing down too, which is another plus. It's not a constant need to push it to keep it going, which is another thing that I like about this saucer swing. 

They love to be outside and playing and all enjoy swinging, so I knew this would be perfect for them to have fun with together to play on that they don't automatically have to take turns each time to be able to use. It's a decent size saucer swing, which is awesome for our size family. 

The neat thing about this saucer swing too is that they fit nice and comfortably in it without feeling squished on it. And, if parents want to get on it with a child or two you can do so safely. 

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