4 ways to get back to normal - starting now

 Have you been slow to get back to “normal” after these past 1.5 years? I get it. You aren’t alone! But, one of these days, you are going to have to take the plunge, scared or not. Sitting in your home alone is not healthy (especially mentally) for anyone, so when you are ready, here are 4 ways to get back to normal - starting now...or whenever you can stomach it! 

Stop making excuses

You know, it can be really scary to get back out there if you haven’t yet, but you won’t ever get out of your rut if you don’t stop making excuses for yourself. If you are worried about your health, I promise that you can keep yourself safe while also visiting some family members, or quickly grabbing a coffee for yourself.

Unfortunately, mental health is a huge issue right now, and if you continue making excuses and secluding yourself, while watching the news non-stop, you will more than likely experience some negative mental health issues going forward, because stress and anxiety does nothing but hurt you. Stop making excuses, whatever they are, and please - try to find a way to get some ‘you’ time, without the stress. You need community and you need to start getting back to normal.

Ease into it

You don’t have to go from your home to a packed stadium, if you are worried. Start slow and ease into it by going on an outdoor stroll with a friend or two! You’ve got this!! Start with the things, people, and places that are most comfortable to you specifically.

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Set realistic expectations

When you get together with friends or family members for the first time (if you haven’t already), there might be some awkwardness. You are less likely to be disappointed if you set reasonable expectations. For instance, you’ll likely feel some anxiety as you try to figure out what’s okay to do and what’s still risky, based on how YOU feel about the situation.

Maybe you are not concerned at all. That’s cool! Or, maybe you have a lot of anxieties about getting back to travel, hanging out with friends, or going to big events, like weddings. Even as the risk level has declined in many places, there is still uncertainty and unpredictability tied to the current risks, and it’s natural to feel anxious or ambivalent when letting go of an established habit, like wearing masks.

So, be ready for some anxiety and realize it doesn’t mean something is wrong: it’s a natural reaction to a very unnatural situation. It’s also likely that many social interactions will feel a little awkward at first. Most Americans are out of practice socializing, and repeated practice is what helps us feel comfortable. Even if your social skills were at their peak, the current moment serves up a lot to navigate interpersonally.

Chances are you won’t always agree with the people in your life on where to draw the lines about what’s safe and what’s not. So, expect some awkwardness, frustration and annoyance because everyone’s creating new patterns and adjusting to changed relationships and feelings. This should all get easier with time and practice, but having realistic expectations can make the transition smoother.

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