Rywell Arc-chill Cooling Mattress Cover

 *Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from the seller, in order to facilitate this review.

Are you looking for a cooling sheet protector for your mattress?

When it comes to beds, I like to make sure each bed has its own mattress protector over it and this one is pretty neat as it's a cooling mattress protector. The thing I like about this aspect is that it will absorb my daughter's body heat and cools body down by a few degrees which is nice especially in the summer time heat.

She has the same type of bed that my oldest son has, so we tested it on hers as it is the same size as his mattress is which is twin. You can find these cooling mattress protector waterproof, on Amazon for just $20.99, which is a great deal. We have other mattress protectors on all of our kids beds, then the sheet they have just goes over the protector easily. 

When you go to order this product, be sure to use the 10% OFF code ZQQTUCQ9 which the code end date will be on 12/31/21.

I highly recommend that once you notice that the protector has gotten soiled via an accident or wet in anyway that you wash it right away, as it could cause issues with the material. I have had this occur in the past with protectors and always make sure of this when I am buying them for beds. It makes life easier knowing this ahead of time especially. 

It is quite stretchy in itself, which I tend to like in a protector because some beds make it difficult for a sheet to go the whole way around the mattress, but this is easy to get on the bed, as well as off the bed. It also washes and dries easy too. You can easily toss this protector in the wash and dryer on its own with no issues.

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