Features You Need in a Lightweight Travel Trailer

If hauling around a huge RV for your camping trip seems like a burden, you could explore the option of lightweight travel trailers. With international travel restrictions in place, the local tourism industry in the country has seen an upward trend. One good thing is that mobile caravan weighing is something that is a huge plus with this.

According to a news report, young Aussies and families are responsible for the caravan sales boom in the country. More people are turning towards short road trips for exploring the beautiful outdoor locations nearby. When it comes to caravan servicing brisbane, you need to get the best service you can there.


Today, there are several functional and design options available catering to every traveller's need out there.


What Are Lightweight Trailers?

There is no set definition or weight limit, but any trailers that weigh less than 4,000 lbs could fall under the category of lightweight trailers. These trailers can easily be towed on the back of your average SUV. They are also easy to manoeuvre compared to RVs.


Depending on the features you want, these trailers can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000. 


Features to Look For in Lightweight Travel Trailers


Sleeping Accommodations

You could have a sofa set that could pull into a bed, two separate beds, or a double bed with RV Bunk Mattresses in your modern lightweight trailer. When travelling with toddlers, it is important they get enough rest after a day of being outdoors.


With sleeping accommodations built into your trailer, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. You could spend the whole day outdoors and have a comfortable bed waiting for you at night.




Having a bathroom in your trailer ensures you have access to clean and hygienic facilities even when you are outdoors. Depending on the trailer model you choose, you could have a separate toilet and showering area or a wet bath. There are even teardrop campers available today that come with a toilet.


Functional Kitchen


Trailers come equipped with a basic stove, microwave, sink and enough storage space for kitchen supplies. With innovative designs, these trailers can fit your kitchen appliances neatly into a small space. 


A functional kitchen provides you with the capability to cook and enjoy healthy meals even when you are in the middle of nowhere. The feature comes in especially handy when you are travelling with kids. 




Space in a lightweight trailer may seem like a mighty ask, but you would be surprised with the trailer models on offer. A cramped up trailer with absolutely no space to move around could feel constricting. This, of course, depends on your preferences but having some legroom in your trailer could significantly alleviate your camping experience. 


Additional Comfort Features


Thanks to clever design solutions, your lightweight trailer could be a match to full-fledged RVs when it comes to features. You could have a queen-sized bed, a television, a sunroof, a dining area, automatic blinds, solar-powered showers and much more in your lightweight trailer.


Owing to ingenious design aids, you are no longer carrying a tent around at the back of your car. Today, lightweight travel trailers come packed with features for your convenience, comfort and safety. There are budget-friendly options available that come with basic requirements such as a sleeping area, kitchen and bathroom. If you want to further customize the trailer according to your preferences, the sky's the limit.

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