The Patrick Star Show: Interview with Bill Fagerbakke and Jill Talley

*Disclaimer - I was invited to the virtual press junket for The Patrick Star Show and interviewed Bill Fagerbakke and Jill Talley, thanks to Nickelodeon. 

I was thrilled to be able to interview Bill and Jill for The Patrick Star show, and these are the questions I asked! You'll enjoy them I'm sure as much as I did asking and hearing the replies! As a big fan of the original show he was on, this was awesome to be part of!

Bill Fagerbakke- voice of Patrick Star

Jill - voice of Squidina Star

1. (For Bill) How do you like playing Patrick on your new show, The Patrick Star Show? I love your character and my kids do too, so we're excited for this show to come out! We have always been fond of the character Patrick.

It's been a very interesting journey. he's been playing Patrick for 20 years now. It's a lot of same characters, but different at same time. It's a lot of fun with how the writers did this show. 

2. (For Jill) How did you like playing Patrick's little sister Squidina in The Patrick Star Show and what made you decide that you wanted to take on this role?

It's really fun because i'm an adult woman playing a kid squid, pretending to be an adult role. It's fun but different. Tries to act older than she is. She is really enjoying it.

3. (For Jill) What's your favorite part about being behind the scenes for Patrick's show, to ensure that he will succeed with it?

Well, she does feel she really can tap into it and play the character and really get into the role. It's playing and is fun to play the part of Squidina.

4. (For Bill) What made you decide to create your own show and what's your favorite part about it that you want us to know before seeing it on TV?

Well, it's all up to writers and they took the mantel from someone they lost. He absolutely loves how well it has come through and how so many have stepped in with creativity, and the character makes him laugh and is so much fun to play.

5. (For Jill) What was your favorite part about playing the character Squidina on the show?

Her energy. It's her favorite and is sometimes difficult. She's having to work from home, keep things quiet, it's LA and really hot. Trying to have all this kid energy with no extra noise. It's challenging and fun at the same time.

6. (For Bill) What was your favorite thing about playing the main character Patrick Star, on the show and what was your personal connection with Patrick since you've been playing the character for a good long while now?

It's just such a crazy thing. One of the challenges of doing something for a long time because you don't study it, you make a personal connection with the character. And you keep the role going on and on with different scenes and bringing them to life. They are so rich and organic. The casting is wonderful with Spongebob and The Patrick Star Show. 

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  1. I have liked Bill since his Coach days. His voice is perfect for Patrick.