The BeatBuds: Lets Jam! Interview with Matty Shapiro & Jonny Jonah

 *Disclaimer - I was invited on behalf of Nickelodeon to attend the virtual press junket for The BeatBuds: Let's Jam!

Are you looking forward to the new show, The BeatBuds: Let's Jam! ?

1. What's your favorite song that you wrote for this show especially since you have kids?

Get Outside and Rock!

2. What message do you want kids to take from the songs that are in BeatBuds that you wrote?

The message behind the whole series is the best friendship. This is based on a real thing, on a friendship since age 6. Inclusivity , diversity.

3. What made you decide to write songs to write and perform your songs in BeatBuds? 

Out of wanting to have music that is fun to have kids to enjoy it. Geniune experience as a family. The music they do is family music. 

4. Was it a lot of fun performing your songs that are featured in the show? Will your own kids enjoy them?

To answer the last question first, they watch an episode every single night. His (Jonny) 3 year old loves the episodes. And so do Matty's kids, and they love the songs and the concerts are so fun for families!

Enjoy the interview below, on You Tube I uploaded of the junket!

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