Toddlers can be unstoppable, it's better to childproof the house

 Having a baby in the house who can crawl and follow you everywhere is one of the best feelings in the world. Isn't it? But think about the moments when you're busy with the chores, and the kid is not to be seen. Does that thought make you complacent? So much so that having a toddler around can change the way you see things in your house. 

The bookshelves, drawers, windows, and garden you never paid attention to now look a bit scary for the safety of your kid, right? But taking some safety measures before can save your kids from many potential injuries. 

Make sure you're childproofing your house so that your kid won't have to shed their tears now and then. But which areas need special attention? Let’s find out together!


The kitchen is probably one of the places where you are likely to spend most of your time. And, your toddler will obviously follow you. If you have an open-concept kitchen, the chances are that your baby might easily reach the cabinets. 

But don't worry! The best way to childproof your kitchen is to install childproof cabinet locks in the kitchen. These locks provide safety to the kids, as they can't open them. But the adults can easily get on with their everyday tasks. 

Also, don't forget to place the sharp knives inside the cabinets or higher than their reach. Consider installing stove-knob covers. It will prevent them from turning on the stove. 


When your baby is busy running and playing in the lobby, the biggest risk is the furniture with sharp edges. So, consider adding stick-on corners and cards around the furniture edges. 

You might have a fireplace in your lobby, right? Well, it's a great appliance to keep your little baby warm during the chilly wintertime. But the comfy fireplace can turn out to be a danger for your toddler. They don't know that the burning woods and fire can harm them. And till when you'll keep stressing about their safety around the traditional fireplace. 

Why not convert it into an electronic one? And the best part is the flames of an electric fireplace look all-natural but are totally safe. Now some of you might be confused with the fact as to how does electric fireplace flame work. Well! The flames work by drawing the cool air in, heating it internally, and reflecting it back with a fan.  The flames provide warmth without actually burning anything. Hence, you can say bye to those toxic emissions or smoke in your house. 

All in all, you won’t have to worry about those harmful fireplace accidents anymore. 


The bathroom is the place where you keep your cleaning supplies, skin care products, and other medications. So, you need to pay special attention there. 

Make sure you're installing the childproof cabinet locks in the bathroom. Medicines, pastes, and soaps look like colorful eatables to babies. Eating them can cause serious harm to their health. Ensuring their distance from your toddler will be best for their health. 

Also, a wet floor can cause some unfortunate bathroom accidents. Shampoo and soap residue makes the floor slippery. But if you put non-slip bath mats in your bathroom, you can easily protect your child from such slip and fall accidents. Consider putting one right in front of the bathtub.

Wrapping up

When a baby comes into our lives, it brings all the happiness and joy along. But the initial growth period is quite overwhelming in many ways. Their health, nutrition, and safety need a lot of attention. 

But, taking some precautions before can help you ensure their security from every aspect. 

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