5 Ways to Easter

 Spring may already officially be here. But really, Easter is the real kick-off of the spring season. Running around outside looking for eggs, a lengthy brunch, and goodies in the Easter basket are all fun ways for you and your family to enjoy the day and all the new life starting to bloom around you. 

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And here are a few more ways to make Easter a truly memorable experience this year:

Decorate Easter Eggs 

Coloring Easter eggs is a tradition for many families. Next to simply spending time together, the process allows for endless creativity. You can start with the simple dip into food dye and then expand from there. You could consider tie-dye eggs or hand-painted designs. You could even work in some glitter, sequins or other bedazzling accents to create spectacular works of egg art. 

(Note: Don’t forget to hard boil the eggs first, or you could wind up with a big mess on your hands.)

Make Bunny Ears

Expand your and your kids’ craftiness beyond eggs. And help your kids really look the part with a hand-made set of bunny ears. To do so, just:

Get a simple headband, and wrap it in ribbon secured with hot glue. Then, take two pipe cleaners and bend them into rabbit ear shapes. Twist the ends together and glue them to the headband. Finally, add faux flowers to fill out the crown.

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Use Other Things for the Easter Egg Hunt

Hunting for eggs is fun. But what do you do with so many afterward? To avoid hard-boiled egg fatigue or waste, consider other items to bring into the hunt. Use plastic eggs filled with sweets, toys or handmade coupons with promises of future fun (one coupon good for: a trip to the beach, not making the bed one day, an extra half hour on their phone one night, etc.).

Or give it more of a scavenger hunt feel. Create a list of spring and Easter related items for the kids to find. Whoever finds everything first gets an extra treat in their basket. 

Play Games with Eggs

Use some of your beautifully decorated found eggs for more family fun. One option is to have an egg relay, with teams running with and handing off eggs held on a tablespoon. 

Then, try a round of egg tapping. Originating in Great Britain, this game’s goal is simple: whoever cracks the most egg tips with their egg wins. (And in the process, they’ve helped everyone get started peeling their eggs for a snack.)

Watch an Easter-Themed Movie

Wrap up all the festivities by watching a movie or two with an Easter theme. There are a variety of family-friendly religious and secular Easter films that you can choose from.

Easter is already a day based in joy and creativity. It won’t take much more effort, therefore, to expand on that creativity and fun to make this day one you and your kids will remember for years to come.

Happy Easter!

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