How To Safely Travel During a Pandemic

 Traveling during a pandemic can be tricky. But for some people looking to quell their wanderlust, there are ways to get around cons, restrictions, and even shutdowns. With proper planning and research ahead of time, now might be the most affordable time to collect precious memories through travel. If you're considering travel in the middle of the pandemic, here are some best options to think about that might make it safer.

Private Charters and Adventures


Suppose you're looking to travel during the pandemic, a great place to consider visiting anywhere with water. Whether it's Portugal or Venice, a trip to the rivers or beaches on that perfect boat means you'll be outdoors but can still have an adventure. Consider a private Vilamoura boat hire in Portugal, for example. In chartering a private adventure for you and your family members, you'll have the benefit of travel with less risk. Instead of a big cruise or huge yacht vacation, this is the perfect way to get outdoors while minimizing your sick risks.

If the water's not for you, the same can be applied to other types of adventure. Think about hiring a guide to explore caves in the mountains or for a beginner tour of the Grand Canyon. Whether your travel takes you to a white water rafting adventure on a wild river or a hike through the mountains or desserts, planning to be outside in small groups on chartered tours or destination adventures is a great option during the pandemic.

RV Travel


If you're worried about airline travel and feel the cons of traveling that way are too many right now, it's time to resolve to be creative. One option is to rent or buy an RV. An RV converted van or even a rebuilt school bus are all fantastic alternative ways to travel and a great best option for avoiding rest areas and other pit stops where people gather.

Maybe you're a photographer. You could pack your family up for an RV cross country trip. Stopping at secluded rest areas, national parks, and on public land, you could get outside in nature, explore new places, and get unlimited pictures. With the best online photo storage, your favorite camera, 1TB of storage, Google Drive, Gmail, and cloud service, you could come back from your trip with a pile of stock photos to sell or hang on to.

Maybe the pandemic's taught you that you can work on the road with no real downside. All you'd need is to park in a rest area with a free internet connection to make money during your travels. Your kids could upload homework at rest stations while the rest of your time on the road was dedicated to making memories safely while their classmates are isolated at home.

Packing for Safety


When thinking about packing for your trip, a good option is to pick up packing cubes for masks, hand sanitizer, and other items that will keep you safe while traveling during a pandemic. Whether you choose to charter a boat or have plans for a luxury yacht rental, you'll want to be as safe as possible so you can look back at each amazing day of your trip without regret.

When packing, don't forget that external hard drive for your raw images. Even if you're a beginner amateur photographer, you'll want to be able to share your photographs on social media with family and friends stuck at home during the pandemic.



Consider staying in places with fewer people. Airbnb accommodations might be right for anyone looking to get out of town safely during a pandemic. Whether it's renting a cabin in the woods for you and your family or finding another solid option for safe sleeping, keep in mind levels of risk at each destination. Your precious memories will depend on it.

In the end, there are pros and cons to everything. You can make the most of the travel during the pandemic by doing it in small groups, and the best option outdoor-oriented locations. By avoiding crowds, tight indoor spaces, and being open-minded about alternative travel and living arrangements, you can travel safer during a pandemic.

Before you pack your bags with sanitizers and masks, be sure to do last-minute checks on shutdowns and restrictions at your destination. A great way to make lifelong memories you'll want to keep forever, don't forget to bring not only your closest family members but your camera, too. Happy and safe travels to you!

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