Finding the Right Dresser with the Motherly Timeless 6 Drawer Dresser with Changer Topper

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Storkcraft, in order to facilitate this review.  

Are you looking for a dresser for your child that also has a changing topper on it for a little one?

When it comes to our oldest daughter and clothes, she has a LOT! Well, I had been asking her what color dresser she'd like to replace her old one as well as if she minded having one with a changer on top that could be removed if we no longer needed to use it, and she said that sounded good. 

The name of this dresser is the Motherly Timeless 6 Drawer Dresser with Changer Topper, and can be bought at Target as well as Motherly, through the Storkcraft website linked.

Her bed frame is pretty big, so it takes up a bit of space but I took a picture of it to show it as part of her room with the dresser in there so you can see the big picture overall on how well the dresser fits into rooms. I had my husband set up the dresser for us and it only took him about an hour 1/2 or maybe two hours at most to get it completely done and put together. 

One thing about this dresser that other ones don't have that we have owned in the past is 3 small side drawers, which she loved that idea. She decided that one drawer for the small drawers will have all of her masks for school in it, one will have all her hair accessories, and one will have her socks in it. I've always been fond of the idea of having this type of a dresser.

As you can see above, they have plenty of space in each small drawer, which is perfect for her. The other three drawers that are on the other side in the middle are larger of course for a normal size dresser, and thankfully they fit all of her clothes perfectly and she still has some space to put more as she gets it too. 

I highly recommend this dresser for tweens, as well as younger kids too. It's not too big or too small, which is excellent especially if you have quite a bit of clothes needing to be put away and not have to over stuff the drawers. That's always a concern of mine for my oldest daughter, just because she likes clothes and has a lot to put away. 

She plans to store her makeup and accessories on the changing topper when I'm not needing to use it as a changing table for our youngest. You can easily sit down a sheet or mattress pad on the topper to use as a changing table, to be comfortable for your little one to lay on. A side note so you know, this changer topper is easily removed for when you no longer need it to be able to just have the dresser for the room you have it in. 

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