Ways to Experience the Alaskan Wilderness

The outdoor enthusiast is likely to have visited many wonders across the nation, including Yellowstone in Wyoming and the Redwoods in California. There are so many types of beautiful terrain from the Western chilly coast to the Atlantic ocean with beautiful greenish blue hues. Yellowstone boasts wonders in the Winter months, as the Elk and Buffalo roam through snow white forges.

The Redwoods in California are as ancient as the dawn of time, with their auburn bark tells stories from long times past. They sit in a haze of verdant light as it filters through the tree's foliage overhead. Another one of the most magical natural landscapes on this continent is that of the Alaskan wilderness . This state boasts some of the most majestic natural wonders that this earth has to offer, including amazing wildlife and enchanting scenery.

Lodge Accommodations

One of the best ways to experience the Alaskan wilderness is to live, sleep and eat immersed in its beauty. Through careful advance planning, it is possible to reserve not only a camping spot but an actual lodge for your stay in the Alaskan wilderness. These lodges contain the full range of amenities that would be offered at a standard housing rental, including a living space, private rooms for sleep and kitchen areas with full range and oven. Additionally, these spaces include running water and restrooms for basic hygiene. While it is unlikely that you will spend too much time indoors during your stay in this naturally wonderous region, when you do you will be living in luxury with the standard amenities.

Helicopter Tours

Much of the Alaskan wilderness is best seen from afar and above, including the wildlife like big bears and moose. You are actually able to coordinate a helicopter tour for your stay in Alaska. This will include flying over natural wonders, such as glaciers and snow-capped mountains. The temperatures may be chilly, so be prepared with the appropriate jackets, scarves and mittens. These tours are also known as scenic flights and they expose the beauty of Alaska to the naked eye.

Cruises to Alaska

It is possible to tour some of this wonderful region through a cruise trip, as well. An Alaska cruise can foster a variety of things to do including activities like fishing for King Salmon, dogsledding and canoeing. There is also an excursion that teaches about the history of the Gold Rush, primarily designed to be an educational excursion for children. There is also an excursion to explore the famous Mendenhall Glacier wherein the passenger lands atop the glacier in a helicopter.

There are many different ways to explore the natural wonders that Alaska has to offer. The excursionist can even schedule rental of a lodging facility in order to be completely immersed in the Alaskan wilderness. It is also possible to explore Alaska by way of a helicopter, viewing the beautiful scenery from above. One of the finest ways to explore this region is by means of a cruise. The latter option features many additional excursion options as part of the trip once the passenger lands in the Alaskan wilderness. These accessory exploration options may include fishing, helicopter rides, educational programs about the area's history and even dogsledding. A trip to the Alaskan wilderness is a wonderful experience for the solo outdoor enthusiast or even for the whole family.

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