Papa Johns Best Food Options for Monday Night Football

 Best Food Options for Monday Night Football

Whether your team is playing, or you just love football, watching Monday Night Football is a good way to welcome in the week. However, after a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is worry about making a meal hurriedly before the game starts. The solution is to get food delivered. Whether you are looking for sandwich delivery near me, or pizza is more up your alley, Papa John’s delivers variety and flavor.

Get Food Delivered So You Won’t Miss the Game

Typically, football conjures up hearty and flavorful food, so most people who are looking for food delivery near me are looking for something other than salads. No game watching is complete without some wings. Papa John’s offers traditional buffalo wings as well as those tossed in BBQ or honey chipotle sauces. You can also get your wings roasted and unsauced or all-white chicken breast poppers, served with your choice of sauces.

If you are ordering delivery, you also should definitely a pizza or two, depending on the size of the crowd. Stick with plain pepperoni, customize your own or try one of the specialty pies such as the works, super Hawaiian, BBQ chicken bacon or the zesty Italian trio. There are also meatless options, such as the Tuscan six cheese and garden fresh, for vegetarians.

When placing your order, do not forget to add on sides, desserts and beverages. The jalapeno popper rolls are perfect for football watching, and the garlic knots or cheesesticks are great accompaniments to the meal. There is a variety of soft drinks, and you can satisfy your sweet tooth with the double chocolate chip brownie, chocolate chip cookie or cinnamon pull aparts.

Be Sure to Try the New Pizza Sandwich

For something a bit different at Papa John’s, try the new pizza sandwich called the papadia. This sandwich is similar to a flatbread, although pizza dough subs in for the bread. There is a variety of papadia flavors, and each one is filled with tasty ingredients.

For a more traditional pizza-like sandwich, go for the meatball pepperoni, which combines the two meats with cheese and pizza sauce. For a little kick, try the Italian papadia, which is filled with sausage, salami, alfredo sauce, banana peppers and cheese. It is served with a side of pizza sauce for dipping. The grilled buffalo chicken sandwich also lands a spicy punch, with chicken, onions, ranch, cheese and buffalo sauce. It is also served with a side of ranch. Other papadias are the Philly cheesesteak and the BBQ chicken bacon.

Whether you are looking to feed your family or friends during Monday Night Football, or you are looking for the best lunch near me, papadias are a nice change from the usual pizza offerings.

Eat Well While Watching the Game

With food delivery, figuring out what to do about food while watching the football game is easy. Papa John’s menu offers options for all cravings. Try the new sandwiches or stick with the traditional wings and pizza route. You will not be disappointed.

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