Thoughtful and Individualized Gifts for the Woman Who Has It All

 There can be nothing more daunting than trying to buy a present for a woman who has everything. You want to be able to find unique items that will also bring a sense of wonder to your special lady, especially around the holidays. You know she deserves nothing but the best, ut where should you begin? Start with these ideas and you're sure to find something thoughtful that she'll love.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend.

If you are going to believe anyone when it comes to gift-giving advice, why not Marilyn Monroe? Agape Diamond Reviews can provide some great information when you're looking to find that perfect natural diamond for the beautiful woman in your life. Natural diamonds are hard but gorgeous, and can easily represent the strong woman in your life who keeps it all going throughout the year.

While most everyone may have a pair of earrings why not look into a diamond solitaire necklace. A half carat necklace can go with any outfit, casual or cocktail, and the natural diamonds glitter beautifully around anyone's neck. There are multiple companies you can look into which include natural diamonds and companies that refuse to sell blood diamonds. A natural diamond is a perfect gift to explain she is the north star of your life.

By opting for lab grown diamonds or synthetic diamonds, such as those offered by Agape, you'll be making a statement with the gem as well. You'll be showing her that you took the time to consider the ethical repercussions of buying a diamond and chose the moral path by buying lab grown diamonds. These lab grown diamonds are real diamonds — they have the same brilliance and worth and will look stunning in a white gold setting. They're just more moral, a fact your lady-love is sure to appreciate.

It's makeover time.

Give the gift of a makeover this year. The makeover does not need to literally be a complete change of their looks but it can also mean a nice massage or day out at the salon. Who doesn't love to spend a day in the spa where they can have facials, massages, and custom press on nails applied?

Another great thought is to treat them to a hair makeover. If they dye their hair it could be a nice gesture to pay for their next trip since hair salons can often be pricey. Not only will the lady of the moment receive multiple compliments but she will come back feeling like the million-dollar woman she is. And when she does arrive home from her day of being spoiled you can present her with some warm fuzzy slippers and a nice dressing gown to wear while watching a movie together.

If you're feeling nervous about spending the day in a spa, due to COVID-19 social distancing requirements, you can always bring the custom nails to you! ManiMe offers custom nail kits that allow you to do a DIY manicure or pedicure right at home. They provide everything, from a nail file to nail sets and press on jewels, and the both of you can spend some quality time doing nails together!

Think of a themed gift.

For many, a favorite tv show can be a good source of inspiration. For example, Schitts Creek has hit it out of the ballpark with their viewers. Now they have made special gifts that were inspired by fans' favorite characters. Chances are that a customized present from their favorite TV show may just do the trick. If you know someone who can’t stop quoting Moira Rose or copying David Rose’s many faces these items are right up your ally. The heart-warming storylines of the episodes already left the viewer feeling warm and fuzzy inside, which, is what the holiday season is all about. When it comes to popular TV shows you can find items from a tote bag all the way to cooking utensils for your kitchen So do a little snooping and hone in on that special gift.

Look into subscription boxes.

A great way to keep the fun lasting all year long is to sign the wonderful woman up for a year of subscription boxes. There are so many different ones available to choose from and will be easy to find the perfect one that matches her likes. Whether she loves to garden or enjoys items that are all-natural and vegan the monthly box is bound to. You can usually expect to receive around 10 to 12 full price items in one box. Some will be accessories, clothing, kitchen gadgets, and beauty products. It is a great idea to keep the gift-giving experience going after the holidays have passed.

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