5 Easy Ways to Attract New Customers to Your Bar & Grill

 Cheers said it best when they sang “sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name.” Having a bar or grill where customers feel like family and everyone feels at home can be a truly rewarding and amazing experience. But you can’t start that family atmosphere without getting people in the doors. Growing your customer base is a must if you’re hoping to run a successful bar and grill.

Restaurants need customers, plain and simple. You opened a bar and grill to share food, experience, and friendship with your community. Sometimes you need to go out and show the community what you have to offer to bring them in. When you set up a fun, professional restaurant with great food and friendly people, you’ll be attracting customers in no time. Here are a few more easy tips to work on increasing your volume and bringing new people into your restaurant family.

Have a theme and a vibe for your bar and grill.

A bar and grill is a much different vibe than a fine dining restaurant. You’re about creating community. You’re there to spread good times and give everyone an experience, so focus on that. Can you find a theme for your bar and grill? Or at least make sure the vibe makes everyone feel comfortable and happy.

It starts with equipment and furniture. Of course, all restaurants need restaurant commercial equipment, but can you bring in something extra? The dishwasher, stove, refrigerator, and grill are in the back, but maybe adding a popcorn machine or snow cone dispenser can add something fun out front. Consider what restaurant equipment and furniture will best help you succeed.

Beyond just equipment, your staff helps you set the vibe more than anyone else. You need servers that are friendly and professional and make your guests feel at home. Whether they’re wearing casual t-shirts or women's wrinkle free button down shirts, your staff should always look their best and give service with a smile. Their appearance and attitude will show off how much you care about your guests and keep people coming back for more.

Utilize opportunities for special promotions.

One way to bring customers into your restaurant is by offering them a great deal when they do so. Try a promotion for a month, connect with local businesses to offer discounts to their employees, or implement a loyalty program. People love a deal. Offer them a deal to get them in the door, then charm them into coming back.

Get involved in the community.

As a local bar and grill, you need to get your name out there. The best way to do this is to simply get involved in your community. Offer catering deals that local businesses can take advantage of. Participate in local festivals. Or sponsor and host parties for the community sports teams. It can even be useful to partner with your competitors for a bar crawl or a weekend promotion. It shows you’re invested in the community, and they will thank you by investing in your restaurant.

Host special events and theme nights.

Bars are famous for having fun trivia nights, karaoke, and live music. Try to fill your schedule with special events that make eating at your bar and grill an experience rather than just a meal. Give it a theme so people can get into it and have fun.

Be available for special events as well. Having an extra room for parties or allowing people to rent out the bar for special events will make you a versatile spot. You can take the opportunity to create truly special moments for your community.

Take advantage of social media and FOMO.

Social media is the key to your marketing strategy. Create an online brand and make your bar and grill a ”must-see” for locals and travelers. You can profit off of FOMO, or the Fear of Missing Out. If you prove your establishment is the place to be and to be seen, you’ll bring more people in the door.

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