5 Tips for Ditching the Clutter

While some people may thrive in chaos, most people dislike a cluttered area. Often, a great experience goes together with going the extra mile to be organized. Clutter is basically the nemesis of productivity and life satisfaction, and this only gets worse as we age.

Find a great place to start to declutter below:

1. Rent a storage unit.

Be realistic, there are numerous large items in your space that you either don't use or don't use every day (or every season such as patio furniture). By checking out storage units in Dallas you can find a competitive price on storage units near you. Using U.S. Storage Units, you can find the ideal storage facility for your belongings by using their size guide and then finding the one closest to you with the right amenities. For example, almost all Dallas storage units have climatic control and elevator access for multiple levels; but some include other listed amenities such as drive-up access, if it’s indoor or outdoor, security measures, access to a site manager, what type of self-storage services they offer (such as boxes or dollies), special access hours, and online bill pay.

Finding a clean facility with adequate unit size will save tons of space around your home (small units are generally 5’ X 5’ sq feet, medium units are generally 10’ X 10’ sq feet and large units are generally 10’ X 20’ sq feet; although sizing varies by location and personal need). They also offer great services for finding vehicle storage if you desire to free up a parking space on your property. For example, do you have an RV taking up tow parking spaces worth of space? Whether it’s small or large vehicle storage or RV storage, you can find public storage places in TX.

2. Make that garage floor shine.

According to a 2015 article in Cision PR NewsWire, as many as one in four Americans cannot fit even a single car in their garage due to clutter. By taking the time to clean and organize your garage, you can extend the life of your vehicle. Some tips for doing so include: a garage sale, donating unused items, moving infrequently used items to a storage unit, and using wall space to store items.

When you're looking for garage door services, make sure you research for everything you need and are looking for.

Look into a garage coating for the floor. At TSR Concrete Coating, you can prevent abrasions, cracks, and stains on your garage floor by getting garage floor coating at a great price. Whether you’re looking for epoxy floor coating, polyurea floor coating, or a stylish look in the way of garage floor tiles that provide a decorative finish; you’ll find a durable garage floor system to fit your needs. TSR offers great service and quick installation.

3. Find a creative option for storing specific items.

Be honest: the real reason you’re not as organized as you’d like to be is that you’re not making the time for it. While the internet can be the ultimate time zapper, it can also be a lifesaver when it comes to finding creative DIY projects for combatting clutter. Also, there are a ton of ideas online for storage on the wall/ceiling in your garage for those items you need but don’t use every day.

4. The donation box challenge.

Multiple online “life hackers” have all kinds of solutions to “decluttering your home”. The one that seems to be universal and does a great job at reducing mess is starting a donation box. Take the time to set aside a big cardboard box every week and make yourself add one item every day you don’t need.

5. The flat surface rule challenge.

Strive to keep every flat surface in your home completely clear. Seem unreasonable? Maybe, but it will reduce stress. One study even found increased cortisol levels (the stress hormone) in wives who perceived their homes as “cluttered”. By finding creative ways to keep flat surfaces clear (toy chests, wall storage, etc.) you will be less stressed, more focused, and life will be a breeze.

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