Going Back to School Safely with Stylish Cloth Masks

*Disclaimer- I received the products in this post from the Etsy shop, SimplyMooredesign.

Are you looking for some nice kids size face masks for going back to school in the fall?

When it comes to school in the fall, I am sure that parents everywhere are looking for some cute but comfortable masks for their kids to wear at school. We still have no idea on plans for our kids school, but are hoping it'll be in person so they can see all their friends again.

These masks are for our son who is starting kindergarten in the fall. He's very excited to go back to school and see friends that he's not seen this summer. He picked out the Spiderman and Paw Patrol red face masks.You can find these masks and other designs here on her shop! There are both girl and boy masks available too, which I really like!

These both fit him perfectly and he is ready to go to kindergarten  styling the masks! He likes them and thinks they're pretty cool, as do I. They are soft to the touch, as well as comfortable on his ear for the piece to go on them. I prefer to wash our masks separately from our clothes.

Here's some helpful information you should know about Simply Moore Design Etsy shop:

1. I started out making large quantities to donate to the local hospitals and nursing homes and decided to post in my shop that for every mask made I would donate one! This helped in the cost of my mission and was able to donate over 500 masks! 

2. Now that the need for donating masks is gone I continued to keep the cost as low as possible ( with PayPal fees, Etsy fees, and the cost of materials I make approximately $1-$2 per mask).
3. There was and still is a shortage on elastic! I decided to use spandex! It doesn’t look very appealing but it is VERY soft and doesn’t rub blisters on the ears! I will continue to use it even when the shortage ends!

4. The age I recommend for my child size masks are 2-7 years old. But if you look under my reviews you will see ages 9-11 wearing comfortably! Face it some of us just have larger faces then others!

5. My shipping sometimes will say it’s not due to ship out for 6 days! Sometimes I have many orders and it does take me longer to get to them but even in my highest peak time (200 orders in one day) EVERY order was made and shipped out within 7days from ordering! Once it leaves my hands I can’t control the post office! Some go straight through others sit in one place for a week even longer!

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