Choosing the Best Swaddle for Your Baby

There are many different types of swaddles, but they all aim to provide the basic principle, which is to restrict the movement of the arms. This is important because babies tend to wake themselves up with a startle reflex. A swaddle also offers security and warmth to the little one. When buying swaddles, there are some factors to consider, such as the age of your baby or in what area in the house they will stay.
Safety and Healthy Hip Positioning 

Incorrect swaddling can cause hip dysplasia to a baby. While inside the stomach of a mother, a baby is in a foetal position so if you straighten its legs suddenly, it can result in abnormal joint development. Therefore, the method you use for swaddling must allow room for movement around the hips.

When using a wrap, do not cover your baby tightly over the legs and hips. When shopping for swaddles, make sure they give plenty of movement in those body parts. The legs of the baby should be able to bend at the hips easily, allowing healthy hip development while swaddling. 

Also, do not put the baby on their side when swaddling them. Considering that the body of the baby is constricted, they may roll over onto their face while sleeping if you leave in a side sleeping position. This position is risky as it restricts breathing, and increases the risk of SIDS.

Household Temperature

Babies cannot regulate their body temperature. For this, you are responsible for ensuring your baby is not too cold or hot. You do not want the baby waking in the middle of the night feeling cold. Keep in mind that the temperature inside the room determines which types of swaddles to use for your baby, regardless of how cold or hot it is outside. 

The room temperature usually drops overnight and fluctuates during daytime unless the sleeping area has a running thermostat. Using a thermometer can tell you the temperature inside the room. 

Consider the Size of Your Baby

Take into account the size of your child at birth and how fast they grow. There will also be a time that you will be transitioning from swaddling to a sleeping bag. The current size of your baby is essential when buying a swaddle

Longer and larger swaddles will keep a growing baby snug for a long time. But, make sure they are not too big, as they can creep up as the little one moves, which could block the face and restrict breathing. Most brands put swaddles into groups according to the weight sizes to fit newborns up to 1-year-olds.

Transitioning from Swaddles

Safe sleep guides for babies recommend you to stop swaddling as soon as your child shows signs of rolling, which is usually around three months. But, although they begin to roll, not all babies are the same. Some still do not outgrow their startle reflex and are not ready to move from swaddling. This is the time where transitioning swaddles turn out to be useful. They help your baby move smoothly from a swaddle wrap to a sleeping bag.

Swaddles are the perfect items for restless babies, wrapping them in a sheet to keep them feel warmer and sleep better. Also, they are quite beneficial for parents who are sleep-deprived ever since they have their newborns. 

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