Unicorn Mug Cricut Project

This was a pretty easy project as projects go. This one is for our daughter who is 11! She loves unicorns. We used the Cricut Explore Air 2 for this project. 

The items that were used are:
- A white mug from a local dollar store
- Purple glitter vinyl - permanent
- Pink glitter vinyl - permanent
- Light teal glitter vinyl - permanent
- Gold glitter vinyl - permanent
- Alcohol and cotton balls to wipe the mug before applying vinyl

I measured the mug to determine what size I wanted the design to be. I looked through Cricut Design for an image and found a perfect one for what I wanted. I opened the image in Design Space and adjusted the size and porportions to what I wanted. 

Once I had the image right, I chose the vinyls I wanted and started the Cricut Explore Air 2 doing its job. Once everything was cut, I started working on the alignment for each of the colors. They all fit together like a puzzle and were pretty easy to get all the colors  in the right place. 

Because I used permanent adhesive glitter vinyl I didn't need to spray a sealing coat over the design. Now with the proper care, it should make Alayna happy for a very long time! This one was a really fun project and I'm especially pleased with how great it turned out! 

Here is the name portion of the mug I did!

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