Keep in Style with These Face Masks for Tweens and Adults

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from the Etsy shop kr8tvkat, in order to facilitate this review.

Are you looking for some fun masks for your family to use?

When it comes to a mask when we need one, I only had one that was reusable and it was a bit thick so I wanted to find some for our kids and us to have on hand for when we need to wear one sometimes if the store requires it, but more so for when our kids start school in case they need to wear one in school, as we don't know yet what our district's guidelines will be until they announce it.

I found that the Spiderman and Star Wars adult masks fit my husband's face a lot better than mine. He said the one was a little snug on him, but the Spiderman one fit fine and comfortably. The set that was sent was a custom made one, so I don't have a direct link for it but look on her shop and you'll find the prints in different listings!

I also received an orange flowered mask that fits pretty well for my face size and I like the type of cloth used; it's a lot more comfortable than the previous one that I had been using as needed. The first picture below is showing the elastic on the ears.

Our 11 year old daughter wanted a few masks of her own too, so in case she needs them for in school in the fall she has some on hand, as well as for appointments as they're still required right now there. She got a couple emoji style tween sized face masks and likes them a lot, and says that they fit really well on her and are comfortable. We have them set aside by size in my drawer for when we need them. 

Here's another one of the above mask, but from the side the see the elastic ear pieces.

Our younger daughter fit best into the blue floral cup style mask and she loves it. It was too small for me to wear and too tight for our 11 year old to wear, so we tried it on our 3 year old and it fits her pretty well and comfortably. And, as you can see it's stylish too!

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