What Is Proper Etiquette for Cremation Ceremonies?

Cremation ceremonies have an endless number of service ideas although there is always a proper etiquette — as goes for everything in life. Etiquette can include knowing how to dress or being respectful of the family mourning. 

It's also a respectful gesture to send the family flowers, but you won’t want to bring them to the service; send them to their home with a card of condolences. Whether you're preparing or attending the cremation service, these tips will be sure to provide you with all of the proper etiquettes you’ll need for the service.

Planning Cremation Service

If you’re the one planning the cremation service you'll need to be in contact with a crematorium. Heritage Cremation Provider is a simple, affordable, dignified, and compassionate cremation service. They service all faiths and are non-biased in your time of need. They have been family owned and operated since 1993. They offer a free quote for services on their website.

How to Dress

Everyone always worries about how to dress when going to a cremation ceremony or funeral. Typically, people are expected to wear black, out of respect for the deceased and the family in mourning.

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Ceremony Readings

Usually, a few of the loved ones will share a reading for their deceased family member or friend. If you are asked if you would like to share something before the ceremony please make sure that it does not disrespect the deceased in any way — gender, race, sex, or creed.

Service Length

Depending on where the service is to be held there may or may not be a time limit on how long the service is going to be held. If the service is going to be held at a funeral home or a church then the service will eventually run its course and everyone will have to leave.

But, if the cremation ceremony is held in a private home then there is a chance that the service could run all the way through the night depending on the family. Be sure to stay for a respectful amount of time and to share your condolences with the family and friends of the dearly departed.

How to Handle the Remains

Since there is no burial of the deceased member of the family because of the cremation, there are many different traditions families will do with the ashes of their loved one. Some families will leave their ashes in an urn and bring it home with them to remember their departed. There are some traditions or special requests from the member who has passed away to scatter their ashes into the ocean, or into another special location.

Giving a Gift to the Family

As said before flowers are a nice gesture for the family to receive, but some families would prefer other gifts and gestures. Some family members would prefer to receive photographs of their loved ones to create a meaningful keepsake. Other families have also preferred that guests donate to a charity on behalf of their loved one’s last wishes. Whatever the case is, figure out what the families unique desires are on behalf of their loved one.

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