Learning About a Sales Tax Audit

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When you're where the state collects sales tax, and it comes to sales tax audit, you want to know what you're doing for paying these taxes and on time, so that you won't be audited. 

This is a process where a tax official examines a company's accounting to make sure that everything is being done correctly, and they will be able to let you know if there are any owed taxes that are outstanding and have not been paid yet. 

Be sure to speak with sales tax consultants before this occurs in case you are ever audited, you'll know how to properly deal with it. 

If someone that you work for is audited and the state they live in finds that you didn't charge the client sales tax on the sale/transaction that you did or even multiple ones then you may get audited and need to have all of your papers, receipts, and paperwork in order in case this were to occur so that you have everything you'd need all in one place. It could harm a business more than not by having a sales tax audit done, so do all you can to ensure that you won't need to have this done. You can learn all about the service, here.

Some things that you can do for your business to avoid a sales tax audit are:- Be sure that you always check your numbers. If you or someone you have worked with gets a 1099, be sure to file that when you file your taxes; this is very important regardless of if it was already added into the total amount of income for the year.
- You need to make sure that you always keep good records and always report income and your business expenses in an accurate way. Keeping all this in check will help your business in the long run as a whole.
- Don't report a loss each year when doing taxes. Reporting a loss in more than two of 5 years makes you a good business to likely get a sales tax audit done.

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