Learn More About Culinary Schools and Games for Kids

When it comes to dealing with Covid-19, so many are out of work right now and especially those with jobs in hospitality have lost job. 

A good few of these workers are paid below minimum wage and as you know they rely on the tips that their customers give them. Well, with restaurants how they are, there is no dine in allowed right now. You can read more about a tips calculator on the Culinary Schools website. 

Their website offers a collection of culinary related games here. These are great for kids and they offer a variety of different culinary type games for them to play, which is fun especially when many kids are out of school. 

I love that they have kid friendly games available to play; it lets them find something to do but where they will learn things too while playing. That is always a plus when finding a good kids game; that they will learn some things from playing.

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