Get Access to Free Online Math Games with Calculators.Org

When it comes to schooling, we have three kids in school and have many teacher friends.
This website  that I am writing about today is a collection of online math and other educational games that can be used for learning at home, and helping students learn math. 

With almost the entire USA right now not returning to school again in person until August/September, most schools are having their students do packets and online learning. This website is a great place for teachers, homeschoolers, and people interested in teaching children to go on and learn about what it's about.

Unlike many websites, the games don't require email sign ups or logins which is great, and they are also not monetized with ads or anything. This is a great source for finding educational games during the lockdown and quarantine period everyone is dealing with right now. 

I have a four year old, 11 year old and 12 year old who are all school ages and the ones that they seem to want to try out are these: math speed, kids math quiz, and math pop. Our oldest is great at math and loves to do math and plays games semi-often for apps I have on my phone for it, so these will be fun for him especially to do.

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