Frozen 2 Makeup Activity with Our 11 Year Old Daughter

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post for reviewing purposes.

Are you looking for some fun with Frozen 2 themed makeup??

Our kids enjoy Frozen the movie, and when they found out we'd be doing this activity for the release of Frozen 2, our 11 year old and 2 1/2 year old daughters were excited and this one is specifically for our oldest daughter due to the fact that it's makeup. 

As you can see above, she received a Frozen 2 Elsa Fearless Sequin Pouch which is pretty decent size that'll fit quite a few in it and other things like crayons, and more. She loves pencil cases and was excited to get this one.

For the makeup portion of this post, we received some really great items. The first one is the Moda Mythical Pro Makeup Brushes. These are so pretty and we love them!

This next item is the Frozen 2 Infinity Mirror Light, which is really cool to look
 into when you press the button. Our daughters love this item in particular and use it.

As you can see above, we received a nice eye shadow palette, and this is a beauty we will both be using as we want to. You'll see her makeup in pictures below this and she enjoyed working with me on this activity for sure, and of course we enjoyed Frozen 2 as well that we received. 

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