Why Preschool is a Good Idea for an Active 4 Year Old

Our school offers free pre-k program for those that qualify and we chose to put our four year old son in it for August 2019, and needless to say he LOVES it!

Are you wondering if preschool/pre-k is a good idea for an active 4 year old?

When it comes to active kids, all of our kids have been really active from since they could start walking and they definitely were active at four years old too. But, the only one of our kids so far that has done pre-k is our younger son. 

He started pre-k at our local public school in August 2019 and he absolutely loves it so far. He has made a lot of new friends, talks a lot better and more, and is learning to write his name and letters by tracing them on paper that the teacher does in class and sends home to show us. 

The benefits of pre-k aren’t limited to the classroom, either. He has responded exceptionally well to educational activities at home. Whether it’s watching dinosaur tv shows with an educational twist or playing vocab-building games, there has been a clear change. 
Better still, a busy day of pre-k translates to a tired boy by bed time. Any parents expecting miracles will be disappointed, but there is no doubt that sleeping patterns are improved by the routine of pre-k.

He will be starting kindergarten in the fall and we thought since he loves to be around other kids his age that he would enjoy going to pre-k and he sure does. He's one of our very active kids and he adjusted very well to having to follow directions at school and listens to the teacher. 

The bus for kindergarten on up is first and earlier in the morning than his bus is for pre-k. He loves to pick out what outfit he is going to wear to school everyday, and has his bookbag ready to go every morning before he gets his coat on to go outside with me to get on the bus. 

Pre-k definitely is great for all kids regardless of how active they are prior to starting. They will learn so much when it comes to different topics such as wildlife, how to write their name, trace letters, follow directions, and so much more. 

Our school has a secret guest reader sometimes, so they let the parents sign up to do this, and he loves it when his dad surprises him to read to his class. He also is allowed to go to library where he gets a book each week, which is fun!

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