Staying Healthier with Genesis Products from Zak Designs

*Disclaimer - The products in this post were sent to me for reviewing purposes from Zak Designs

Are you looking for some nice water bottles to stay healthier?

When it comes to drinking water, our older kids are pretty good at drinking it. But, this post is specifically for our oldest who is in basketball and needs a water bottle for practice and games. The first water bottle that he got was the Genesis charcoal 24 oz which you can get for just $12.99. He also received two flavor packets to put in his water, which he's loved doing since starting basketball last school year.

The thing that he likes about this one best is that it has two ways that you're able to drink out of it; the straw on top, or unscrewing the small circle on it. Which both are convenient, especially for him when he's so on the go during practice and games for basketball. 

You can find the Genesis line on the Zak website for different styles. 

The other water bottle that he received was the Genesis Tropic 32 oz vaccum insulated stainless steel tumbler and this one is one that he uses most at home when he needs a drink and doesn't feel like using a glass or something.

We need to be teaching our kids the importance of drinking more water as part of a healthy lifestyle and the importance of eliminating single-use plastics as part of a healthy planet. This is something that everyone should be aware of and it's good for you too, so why not?

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