Choosing to Use Cloth Diapers Instead of Disposables

When it comes to diapers, we liked to buy in bulk at Walmart that gives 200 some diapers for $23. But, with things being slow with posts and such, I decided to start cloth diapers and am glad I did. 

I got several cloth diapers to review through my blog here, as well as received ten from a mom on a group I am in which was super helpful. I also bought two of them on Amazon and am waiting on them to arrive, but I am trying to get enough to be able to not have to do daily laundry of diapers and inserts. In total I have 16 at home now and two on the way. 

I don't find cloth diapers hard at all to deal with really. When it comes to having to rinse them off before washing, that's easy enough to do with dirty diaper, and wet I just toss in the washing machine. I think that all of the ones I have so far are all in one snap cloth diapers and they work great on her. 

There are rise snaps which allow me to adjust it to her size which is helpful as for her size which is 13 lbs, I adjust it to the third snap and fold it to fit her good and she seems to really like these diapers.

How easy it is to use cloth diapers
All in all, it's much easier than I thought to cloth diaper especially with the way some people view it, but it does help that I blog and was able to get several that way. I have been using cloth diapers for about a month now and we finally did run out of disposables, so until I am able to get my number to 20 - 25 diapers and inserts owned, I will have to do daily laundry which is about 8 - 9 cloth diapers a day to wash.

How many diapers a day we go through with cloth vs disposable
Cloth diapers do hold more than disposables do, as she would normally go through 9 - 12 diapers a day with regular disposables at 3 months old. She's 4 months old now and is going through about 8 - 9 cloth a day. I think she finds these more comfortable for whatever reason, probably due to the material, and it does help with diaper rashes as well. 

Diaper rashes vs what cream is able to be used with cloth diapers
But when it  comes to rashes and cloth diapers, I have been told that I won't be able to use Desitin anymore for cream, and to start using Butt Cream that we do use too, as the ingredients in the one will stain the diapers and is too strong to use with cloth. 

Where to find good but cheap cloth diapers so you don't go broke
I found a good selection of all in one diapers on Amazon that are well made, but that are only priced at $6.99 - 13.95 each. Of course they also have more pricey ones too. I have gotten the ones that are $6.99 and $7.99 so far. I am sure that there are other places to find good priced diapers too, but Amazon is where I found the best prices and they are well made as well and I like them.

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