5 Striking Facts About Coffee Enemas That Everyone Should Know

Coffee enemas have benefitted many people, especially if they’re suffering from constipation, digestive disorders, parasitic attacks, menstrual pain, loss of energy and many other issues. In fact, chronic constipation is one of the key reasons why people go for coffee enemas when nothing else seems to work. 

Now, how do you know if you’re suffering from chronic constipation? 

Well, every one of us needs to have proper bowel movements at least thrice per week, depending on our digestive systems, diet, and regular lifestyle. You’re said to be suffering from chronic constipation if you’ve less than three bowel movements per week, that too for more than three months. It is unwise to keep ignoring the condition, as it may lead to other health complications like, anal fissures, hemorrhoids, and fecal impactions apart from the painful rectal prolapse, in which the entire rectum or a part of it comes out of your body due to the consistent pressure experienced while passing stool. Besides, it’s necessary to remove wasteful toxins from your body through bowel movements regularly, and constipated people face difficulties in doing so.

The use of coffee enemas in treating constipation has become quite popular in recent years. According to the experts, the enema increases colon activity and makes the removal of food particles and bacterial organisms that get stuck in the gut lining easier. The water in the enemas enhances peristalsis and increases bile production. Further, the coffee enemas also help get rid of the diverticula, small pockets on the walls of your digestive tract, which traps residual materials and microorganisms, thus removing blockages. However, constipation relief is not the only function of coffee enemas.

Let us now give you an idea about the various other functions of this colon cleansing agent along with some other facts that you should know before opting for the same.

Fact No. 1: Coffee enemas are effective alternative medicine
The use of coffee enemas to relieve constipation, enhance immunity and increase energy levels is an alternative therapy, and you should consult your physician before trying it. According to a study, which was published in the Clinical Nutrition Research in 2014, coffee enemas bring about a smooth excretion of bile by stimulating the bile ducts. The cafestol palmitate present in the coffee increases glutathione S-transferase activity, thus improving the bile excretion process.

Alternative medicine experts also opine that people are being constantly exposed to the increasing amount of pollutants in the environment, and coffee enemas are quite beneficial in stimulating the liver to get rid of harmful toxins. Besides increasing the production of enzyme glutathione S-transferase, theophylline and theobromine in the coffee help dilate the blood vessels, thus increasing blood flow to the liver.

Fact No. 2: Organic, less-acidic caffeinated coffee is good for enemas
The organic, low-acid, freshly brewed coffee with a higher concentration of palmitates is essential for preparing an enema. It isn’t advisable to store the brewed coffee for later use, as it may get more acidic after some time. Further, you should never use decaffeinated coffee, as caffeine accounts for most of the benefits that you can get from the coffee enema.

You should also focus on the preparation of the coffee that you’re going to use in the enema. Air roasted coffee is considered the best, as they’re devoid of carcinogens by keeping smoke and flame at bay. Moreover, air roasting helps people with gluten-sensitivity by preventing cross-reactions.

Fact No. 3: Coffee enemas are meant for liver stimulation and not the intestines 
When the coffee enema is introduced into your colon through the rectum, the caffeine is absorbed into the liver by the hemorrhoidal vein, which then stimulates the dilation of bile ducts and blood vessels, leading to smooth excretion of bile. The palmitates in the coffee increase the activity of glutathione S-transferase enzyme, which detoxifies the free radicals and bilirubin and makes them water-soluble for easy elimination through bile.

You should remember here that the enema doesn’t enter the systemic circulation, and it takes 15 minutes to stimulate the liver cells to remove toxins from the bloodstream. Moreover, the cleansing of free radicals prevents the production of carcinogens, which in turn prevents the growth of cancer.

Fact No. 4: Coffee enemas have significant effects on depression 
According to psychologists and personal communication specialists, coffee enemas are generally used to remove toxins from the body. However, examinations are required to measure it, but for now, mood enhancement is not a typical use of coffee enemas. During detoxification, coffee enemas increase the amount of plasma cholecystokinin, which in turn relaxes the mind and gets rid of depression in some cases. The gallbladder stimulation and contraction, under the effect of coffee enemas, also help prevent the formation of stones.

Fact No. 5: Chlorophyll capsules and essential oils can enhance the effect of enemas
Some experts believe that the use of binding agents like, chlorophyll capsules and essential oils enhance the effect of coffee enemas. Chlorophyll helps bind the toxins, so that they may not be reabsorbed by the intestinal walls while being eliminated. 

Further, the Tangerine essential oil increases the absorption rate of the enema and aids the liver to minimize the purgative effects of the coffee. The Geranium essential oil also increases the levels of glutathione S-transferase in the blood, thus enhancing the effectiveness of the enema. You should consult an expert before using these additional products, as they’ll be able to explain the benefits (or the side effects) better.

Final words 
The efficiency of the coffee enemas depends mostly on the individuals using it. Many people have reported significant health improvements concerning liver function, energy restoration, mood elevation, and the digestive system, of course. If you are currently suffering from any or all of the aforementioned issues, coffee enemas may be worth the try. However, don’t forget to ask your doctor before opting for the same. If your body is sensitive to caffeine and related compounds, proper guidance of the physician is necessary before going for a coffee enema therapy. 

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