Family Friendly Cities in Nevada

As parents, we do our very best to keep involved with our children, creating quality moments and memories that build family bonds and at home happiness. But sometimes we underestimate just how much a community and city can affect family happiness.

Of course, moving is no small undertaking, especially when you have to take into account the needs and desires of an entire household. Researching the top places to live with your budding family can be daunting at best, but I’m here to help with a quick list of the top cities to live with your entire family in Nevada. 

Now, you might be asking, why Nevada? Sure, this might not have been your first thought when you and your family decided to begin a new adventure in a new state, but I assure you, it should be on your list! True, it can be difficult for a growing family to imagine living in a state that’s home to the world-famous Las Vegas, but that shouldn’t deter you from exploring other areas through this vast and gorgeous desert landscape.

 Nevada is a rich and diverse home to about 3 million people, filled with exciting outdoor ventures, Western Americana history, and cities big and small that fulfill many of the desires of families. When it comes to finding your new home, there’s a lot of things you should consider, but the three that I try to never overlook are:

  • Is it affordable? What’s the average home value for each city or town? What do monthly home costs look like? What does a total monthly cost look like? This means including everything from average rent or mortgage, to utilities, fuel, and food costs.
  • How are the public and private schools in the area? Obviously, schooling is going to be a key factor in where you choose to move. Whether your children are 5 or 15, they should have the opportunity to attend schools with great standardized test scores, worthy teachers, and higher performance ratings.  
  • Are there job opportunities and is the city prospering? The town’s economy should never be something you overlook. Look at household income and well as income growth in any potential city. 

Our score (8.5/10)

  • Excellent communities
  • High public school ratings
  • Family and pet-friendly
  • Abundant outdoor activities

The second most populous in the entire state, Henderson may be within a 20-mile radius of Las Vegas, but it’s known for a well-known sense of community, and family-friendly atmosphere. Even though it’s far enough away from the action of Vegas, this lovely city still has a lot to offer in the way of outdoor activities, opportunities for family fun. Henderson has a steadily growing economy, highly rated public schools from Kindergarten to 12th grade, and a valuable home market that is currently on the rise. Henderson should definitely be on your list of places to visit!

Las Vegas

Our score (7/10)

  • Easy commute to work in Las Vegas and North Las Vegas
  • Family-friendly communities
  • Affordable suburban housing
  • Close to (a days drive) well-known sites
  • Culture

The “strip” isn’t the only thing that Vegas has to offer. Most families don’t even realize that Las Vegas has a rather large suburban area that is ideal for families seeking affordable homes without compromising an energetic atmosphere. Beyond the Strip that never seems to tire, peace can be found inside of almost every community away from the action.

With more than 200 parks and a surplus of culture and activities for the whole family, it’s really no wonder why so many young and established families choose to move to these parts. Aside from quality public schooling and an economic surplus, living in the Valley of Las Vegas means shorter commute times, and you’re only a day’s trip away from places like Bryce Canyon and Disneyland. 

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