Adjusting to Life with Five Kids

When it comes to adjusting at home with five kids, it's been much easier than I expected it to be that's for sure. 

As you know, we just had our fifth child one month ago so we have been home for awhile now. I am use to having all of our kids at home after school.

Lots of people have opinions on big families, but I am thankful for all five of our kids planned or not. Of course I've gotten un-needed comments, but do my best to ignore ones that aren't positive. 

Going from one to two kids was a much bigger adjustment for me than going from two to three, etc. Our kids range in ages from almost 12 years old (in December), to 1 month old. As long as our older two aren't arguing or not listening, it's pretty easy going with having five kids. 

During the day though, our older three are at school all day, so it's just our 2 1/2 year old daughter, newborn and myself. So it's a lot more easy going until the bus gets here. With nursing, it's tiring at times due to cluster feeding but is getting easier.

But, once our toddler son gets home from school, it perks our daughter up a good bit as she loves to have him to play with. She definitely misses him while he's in school, but both have adjusted just fine. 


  1. I've found that it gets easier and easier the more you have. It does get expensive, but I love my family of 4 kids.