Adjusting to a Child in Pre-K for the First Time

When it comes to school, we usually just opt for our kids to go right into kindergarten at the age appropriate time (5 and 6).

Did your child go to pre-k or preschool before starting kindergarten the next year?

But, this year since we're having a new little addition to our family we decided to apply for pre-k for our four year old and it's been a great decision so far! He started close to the end of August when our older two started back in school, and he absolutely LOVES it so far! 

He hasn't had one issue getting on or off the school bus during the week! He actually loves it and has a friend he sits with most days on the bus. It's exciting watching him grow and learn more. 

He has met many friends in his class and loves to sit with them at lunch and in his classroom. He has two or three good friends so far that he hangs out with the most he said, which is awesome. I am excited for him to grow through the school year, learn more than he knew before the school year started, as well as blossom into his own self for learning and meeting other kids.

He has done many worksheets so far, which are to help him follow instructions and learning to cut and paste as well as coloring with certain colors on parts of his paper, not just one or two colors that he wants to use. They do a new theme that the teacher goes over each week and he seems to love that too, so far. 

For me, it was hard for the first few days adjusting to just having our two year old at home with me during the school day. But, knowing he loves to go to school made it a whole lot easier and now it's just routine everyday. 

She adjusted pretty easily as well to not having her big brother with her at home to play with all the time, and she loves to get him off of the bus everyday. 

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