Visit Kinzua Beach When You're in Warren, PA

Are you looking for some fun last minute ideas to do if you're in Warren, PA for a weekday or weekend?

When it comes to finding things to do on the weekend, it's hard for us to plan much because of how much my husband works with jobs he has to get completed, but when we are able to make plans to do something, I love it! 

Especially, when it has to do with swimming and our kids because they're all water lovers! We were able to travel a bit and go to a beautiful spot in Warren, PA called Kinzua Beach. It has pebbles instead of sand, but otherwise I absolutely love it there. 

This is perfect for families both big and small, there is plenty of space to lay your stuff down on the grass and head into the water and enjoy the day with your family. Our younger two kids had a fun time playing with water guns and their trucks on the shore and in the water when they were tired of swimming.

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