Make Life Easier with AnthroDesk

*Disclaimer - This is a sponsored post and I received the product in this post and will be receiving compensation, thanks to AnthroDesk

Are you looking for a way to work without putting a strain on your back?

When it comes to working from home and being on a laptop sitting down constantly, it's hard on your back obviously. Well, that is where this product, Standing Desk Converter
is super helpful especially if you are having back pain and needing some relief from it.

This first picture is of the standing desk converter when it was up where you can use it while standing. It's a decent height as you can see and it works really well too. I will most definitely be using it for blogging and my laptop. Being pregnant, it takes its toll sitting too much to blog. 

When it comes to adjustable desks, you need to find one that will work for you an your situation. 

This desk is super simple to put together with only having to use four screws to get it put together. You can have it from sitting to standing position in just seconds, which is very convenient for those of us who have back pains that make day to day life difficult some days more than others.

This picture is of the desk down position for when sitting. It's perfect for being inside like on the couch or what not. It's a great investment and you won't be sorry either! Having back pain isn't fun at all, and this is a great product for those of you who may work from home and are tired of your backaches from sitting too much. 

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