Great Summer Drinkware for Kids and Adults Alike

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Zak Designs, in order to facilitate this review. 

Are you looking for some nice quality tableware?

If you have kids or even if you have company over, then you know plastic ware is the way to go for things, such as cups and water bottles! I have loved the Zak brand for years and was absolutely thrilled to be able to work with them on some product features. 

Right now, these are my personal favorite tumblers to use this summer for myself for putting my soda in but they work excellent for mostly any drink. These are perfect for older kids and adults to use for their daily drinks or when having a cookout with friends or family. 

When it comes to convenience and toddlers, one thing you can never have enough of are water bottles for summer time especially. 

Our toddlers both love Paw Patrol, and I knew that this brand in particular had them for both boys and girls, so I had to get them for this feature. And, she loves her water bottle for Koolaid and water alike!

For our toddlers, as well as our older kids that's where these smaller red cups come in handy! All four of them love to have their drinks in these, and even our two year old has caught on with using an open cup and does fine with it, so it's great!

Our oldest son is 11 and he loves Minecraft, so I knew he would love to be taking this water bottle with him to the park program he and his older sister go to all week. He has plenty of room for water or Gatorade in it, and room to put a few pieces of ice cubes in it too if he wants to have cold water or drink with him. This will also be a great one for him to take back to school in a month!

When you have multiple guests over at your house for a cookout or get together, having plasticware that you can trust and reuse is a must, and that's why I love these cups!

This last set of cups is a big hit for kids who like a quick drink and go back to playing outside or wherever they might be. These are easy to fill with water or drinks that you need to share with others, as well as clean. 

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