Back to School Styles at Justice for Girls

*Disclaimer - I received a gift card for facilitating this promotional post, from Justice. All opinions are my own.

Are you looking for a great place to shop for back to school?

When it comes to shopping for back to school styles, Justice has all of your tween daughter(s) go to outfits, book bags, and more!! She was so excited to get to work with her favorite store, Justice (again) and we're going to show you all the great styles they have to offer!

She got the leggings in the picture below and loves them. She said they're so soft and comfortable to wear. I love how stylish all of their outfits are, especially when it comes to going back to school.

Justice’s Back to School mantra is: “This Year We Will,” which aims to provide confidence-boosting support and fashion that celebrates each girl’s individual style and empowers them to feel ready to excel during the new school year. So, be sure to head to your local store to check out the styles!

We were in Justice this past weekend for a good two hours or so because there were so many outfits to choose from and trying things on was a lot of fun for her as well. We found some really cute book bags, lunch bags, and water bottles for 40% off and they had letters on each one! Plus, we had a $15 off coupon, as well as they gave her a nice bag that had stickers, pens, and erasers in it just for spending over $80!

Book Bag.

Lunch bag.

Water Bottle.

Here are some of the fun outfits that she tried on and got some of them, and picked out other ones to buy! 

Right now, Justice is promoting their camo and animal prints for back to school and she got this outfit, and it's my personal favorite. She loves how soft/comfortable the pants are! And, the shirt is great for fall and winter time when it's colder outside.

Another favorite is the dance shirt. She was going to get the leggings that are in the picture with it, but decided upon a different set of leggings similar to them, just different fabric. 

The leggings for this dance outfit are adorable, aren't they? 

She got this cute Justice t-shirt, but didn't go with these pants although we both love unicorns! 

If you have a horse lover, check out the cute t-shirt they have in stores for back to school. 

When it comes to fall and winter, our daughter likes to have a comfortable hoodie to wear through those seasons and that's why she got this cute and stylish hoodie. I like how the colors clash together wonderfully. 

They had a cute star t-shirt on the shelves as well, but she decided not to go with it. 

 This is more for summer and spring time wear, but I loved the message on it. We didn't get it, but will likely go back to see if Justice has it at a later time. It fit her well and has a great message on the tank top, just not weather friendly for upcoming months and she wouldn't be able to wear it to school with not being wide enough.

We loved these black leggings and she loves how comfortable and soft they are. They're very stylish as well for school. 

Here are some back to school trends that Justice has and is promoting in store. 


  1. It looks like Justice have some amazing items to get people ready for the back to school rush! I can't believe how quickly this year is passing us by.

  2. Wow! We don't have Justice here in Poland, but I do love the items you have presented here. Perfect for the new school year! :)

  3. We just love Justice and have many clothes from them. My daughter has always enjoyed the store.

  4. So many cute clothes. Makes me wish that I was a kid again so I can wear them.

  5. The letter A initials is me! I love the glitter bag and everything in the post. My daughter would love to have these items too.

  6. Wow, those are pretty nice outfits. It gives you a whole lot of self confidence. I really like the first one.

  7. Oh how cute, they have so many great options. I wish Justice had been around when I was a kid!

  8. I think if you have know Justice. The outfits are great! Thanks for the reminder that I need to go shopping!

  9. Those were a really cute outfit. My girls would be so happy to have this especially wearing this on the first day of class.

  10. My daughter loved Justice and now my niece loves it. They have such cute clothes and accessories.

  11. Justice has a lot of stylish designs and all of them look amazing of her. I am loving the one where she wore a blue hoodie and that camo pants look great as well.

    -Lyanna Soria