4th of July Celebration with Crock-Pot Choose-A-Crock Programmable Slow Cooker

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Crock-Pot, in order to facilitate this review. 

When it comes to making foods for get-togethers or family functions, my go-to product is always a crock-pot. I have always loved to just be able to toss a variety of foods in whether it's for a meal or just a small appetizer to share with friends, and go where we are heading! 

This particular set that I received is very cool because it has 3 different removable sizes of stoneware bowls to choose from, and that's why it's known as the Crock-Pot Choose-A-Crock Programmable Slow Cooker, and is found on Amazon for just $122.79! This is one I have not heard of before receiving this, because it comes with three stoneware bowls. 

This particular set is very convenient for single family homes, as well as large families because it comes with 3 sizes to use in one, and they are:
- 6 qt
- 4 qt
- 1.5 qt (2)

For this recipe, the 4 qt bowl was used and cooked in it was some Lil Smokie Sausages in BBQ sauce. Super easy and convenient recipe for everyone to enjoy, especially on a hot 4th of July day. 

How to make this easy recipe:
- Depending on how many people it's going to feed, use the 4 qt or 6 qt bowl to cook in
- Get two small packs of lil smokie sausages and toss them into the bowl
- Add two 18 oz containers of BBQ sauce into the crock-pot bowl over top of the sausages
- Set the crockpot to cook on high for 2 hours
- Stir and enjoy!!

These have always been a huge hit and a big family favorite of ours, whether for get-togethers or birthday parties to set out as appetizers, and the best thing about it is that it's a super easy recipe that anyone can make up and it only takes two hours to make! 

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