Wedding Videomaker And What To Look Out For When Choosing One

There are a lot of things you should look for in a wedding video maker. But what matters the most is the experience. You need to hire someone who understands the genre inside and out because wedding videos are a specialist product.

Anybody can start out in the video production business to begin by wedding videos but they
don’t really know that that it’s not that easy as it looks like. It’s quite common in
today’s videographers.

In fact, when they get hired one or two people, they start thinking that they can make more
money doing more work. As a result, wedding videography is disproportionately serviced
by inexperienced people in some areas. However, it just means that you have to be very careful
while choosing a wedding videographer. There are a lot of excellent videographers who do
the videography work for genuine reasons. All you have to do is find out about their experience.
In this article, I’ll give you a complete guide about wedding video maker and what to look out
for when choosing one. Let’s get started.

  1. Ask for Demos
No wonder you got to ask for a demonstration tape of the videomaker’s previous work because it helps you to determine at which level the video maker is. They will surely feel free to share a demo with you. If they don’t, then just cross them off your list because their action is not reliable. I recommend you to see a range of work of them. In fact, you should watch an entire video from start to finish. Because you have to know whether they can cover the whole event well or not. Getting a few nice shots here and there won’t do the work. But a few minor errors are also normal during a long video, so consider about that too. You can also their previous customers about their work.

  1. Communication Skills
Your videographer has to be able to get on with the guests and communicate well. In case of making the day run smoothly, effective communication is the king. It also makes sure that everybody knows what to do and what to expect in relation to the video.
They have to work with both professionals and guests. The quality of the video could be affected if there’s a problem between them and the celebrant or the photographer. So, consider this thing while choosing one.

  1. Style
    There are a lot of video makers available out there and they have their individual styles. But you can’t be confused among all the styles. Rather, you should choose the one style with which you feel very comfortable. These are the most common styles:
  • Fly-on-the-wall, just like the reality-TV style
  • Documentary type of videos, including interviews, voice-overs, etc.
  • Arty, cinematic styles

  1. Price
    It’s an expensive business to make good wedding videos. The professional often charges a lot of money to turn a fair profit. But you can always look for cheap quotes with suspicion. As the price varies so much from place to place, I can’t give you a specific price guide here. But I can at least assure that professional videography is as expensive as professional photography. A good video needs several days of skilled labor and expensive equipment. So it’s very clear to see why good video production costs a lot.

  1. Cameras and Equipment
You should definitely ask them what type of video camera and other equipment they will use on
your wedding day. It might be a piece of useful information if you’re familiar with video equipment
but this is not that necessary. It’s much better when an average camera is picked up by expert hands
than the most expensive camera picked by an average videographer.

You can also ask how many cameras they will be using. They should have more than just one
camera because a single camera is not capable of covering all the important footages properly and
safely. Having at least two cameras allows for much better shots. In fact, there is less chance of
missing something important. It’s even better if there is a third camera because it’s usually left on a
static wide shot and it assures more safety and creative options.

6. Editing and Final Versions
Editing is an essential approach for a wedding video maker. It helps you to take your video to the
next level. You can ask these questions to your hired video maker:
  • What will be the duration of the final product?
  • Can they provide you more than one version? Ask them for a full version and 15-minute highlights package.
  • What do they say about the titles, captions, etc. that will be included?
  • Would they put a title menu on the DVD?
  • Are they able to add music? What is their copyright situation?

  1. Video Format
You should ask the videographer that what video format will be applied and supplied in.
Widescreen high-definition is the recommended video format. Because if your video is produced
in standard definition, then it will appear poor quality in comparison because in the future
everyone will be watching HD video all the time. You should ask for master-quality version in
the original format for DVD or videotapes. You can use this version for further edits or transfers
to new video formats.

The last word is, you should work with people that want to take care of you. Planning a wedding
is a very daunting task. But you will have to enjoy the experience of working when you hire
someone to provide you the service. Choose the best videographer according to your budget
and make compromises on expenses for things that don't live as long as the video. I promise
you won't regret this decision.

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