Surprisingly Affordable States to Buy a Home

More and more people in the country are deciding to rent, today. And many feel that buying a home is
a goal that is beyond their abilities. However, homeownership is still an affordable pursuit today if you
know where to buy. To help in that endeavor, here are some states that give you the most bang for
your buck when buying a home...

In Ohio, you can purchase a 3,300+ square-foot home for a $300,000 budget, which is incredibly
cheap for a state that has 2 major metropolitan cities, which tend to notably increase the price of
housing. It’s worth noting, though, that Ohio residents pay an income tax as high as 3.38% to their
municipalities, on top of the state’s top income tax rate of 4.98%

There’s a lot of financial benefits to living in Ohio. Columbus, the capital city, claims about 2.4% in
annual job growth. Around 23% of the population in Ohio is currently under 35 as well. This makes for
a young and up-and-coming populace that is creating opportunities. Nearby, the city of Cincinnati has
similar statistics. As far as available jobs growth goes, the number is currently going up by around
2.3% every year. Because of these stunning numbers of job growth and cost of living, as well as a
youthful culture that is getting more and more vibrant, both of these cities are considered highly
affordable places to live.

Many people think Nevada and think Las Vegas, which isn’t a place that is thought of as synonymous
with frugality. However, Nevada actually is a very affordable place to purchase a home, even in
Paradise, which is right on the Las Vegas strip. In Paradise, the average home is roughly $160,000,
which can be easily affordable for many middle-to-lower income families.

The best bang for your buck in Nevada, though, is in Henderson, which is minutes from Las Vegas.
The city is home to many recreational activities, such as seven beautiful golf courses. Residents can
also drive to the gorgeous Lake Mead National Recreation Area, which is just minutes from the main
city. This is in addition to a variety of shopping centers and retail hubs. Now is as good a time as ever
to move to Henderson, with a master planned community called Cadence building tens of thousands
of homes to meet the demand of the city’s growth.

West Virginia
Considering that West Virginia is so close to Washington D.C. and other major metropolitan areas, it
is an extremely affordable place to live, especially considering the gorgeous scenery around it. The
state’s rolling mountains aren’t all it has to offer. It also is home to biotech companies, chemical
development, and various energy companies. This provides a lot of opportunity in a state where
$300,000 can get you a 3300+ square foot home!

West Virginia also boasts an incredibly low property tax rate, comparatively. The average property tax
rate is less than 0.6% of the value of a home. The only downside is the rather high-income tax rate of
6.5% for top earners, and an average sales tax rate of 6.2%.

Indiana homes have a median price of roughly $86 per square foot. This makes it incredibly
affordable for middle class families, as a $300,000 budget can get you nearly 3,500 square feet of
home. As far as taxes go, Indiana is routinely ranked in the top 10 states to live by various foundations,
due to its flat tax rate of 3.3% on income, and a relatively low property tax.

In addition to opportunities in Indiana, you are also close to many hubs of tech, culture, and business,
such as Chicago, Illinois. Since Indiana is such a friendly commuter state, it expands your horizons of
what’s available in your backyard.

Coastal areas tend to be more expensive, but you can get the benefits of living by the ocean and
being a homeowner in the beautiful state of Mississippi. Mississippi is one of the most affordable
states in the country; a place where you can get 3,400+ square feet homes for around $300,000. If
you are planning to start your own company, Mississippi is also a great place to be, as it is one of the
most business-friendly states, tax-wise.

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