Girls will Love These Charms from Charm-It

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Charm-It for reviewing purposes. 

Does your daughter love charm Bracelets and need new charms for it?

When it comes to 'bling', our oldest daughter and her friends love to be with the in crowd with things like this. And, she was so thrilled when she found out she was getting these bracelets and charms that she loves character wise. They are fun ones to have!

She loves all things UNICORN so I had to make sure I found a few in charms on their website for her to attach to the rainbow charm bracelet. She wants more to be able to share with her friends before school lets out for summer break so you may see another post in the future.

She has mentioned she's gotten compliments about her bracelet/charms from friends at school. I told her where to tell them to find them which of course is CHARM-IT! They have a lot of fun charms to choose from that easily attach to charm bracelets. Her favorite between the two bracelets that she received is the Rainbow Chain Bracelet. You can get this on their website for just $9!

She got several charms from Charm-It to go with her bracelets, but she definitely wears the one that is rainbow the most. The charms, as well as the bracelets, are very well made. The charms I like the most that she got are the unicorn ones and the emoji smiles. 

Here is the second bracelet that she received which is the 6mm Gold Bead Bracelet. It's really pretty in person. 

She also got a unicorn necklace which she likes to wear pretty often.

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