2019 Holiday Gift Guide Information for Sponsors!!!

As you know, I am due in late September SO with that being said I am going to be doing my absolute BEST to get my 2019 Holiday Gift Guide LIVE by July 1 and run it through September - December!

This post is to share what I am looking for when it comes to posts, so keep reading!

Here is everything I am looking for when it comes to product reviews:
- Baby toys for girl age 3 months and up
- Toddler boy toys for age 4 and up
- Toddler girl toys for age 2 and up
- Crib sheets for girl
- Drones for age 12 and up
- Arts and craft activities for ages 11 and up
- Books for all ages
- Clothes for boys (age 12 and 4)
- Clothes for girls (age 3 months, 2 years, and 11 years)
- Basketball bags, shoes for youth boys 7
- DVDs for kids of all ages
- Beauty items and makeup
- Baby gear and other toddler and kid-friendly products

Information for product reviews:
- All products will be sent to me by the brand or shop at no cost to me, in return for a blog post, tweet, and Instagram post
- There is no fee to have your product featured as long as it's NOT a sample and is full size
- All products must be relevant to what I am looking for or there will be no posts done
- All products MUST be sent to me no later than Sept 1 unless you need it to be done in October or November. I am happy to work with you through December, so no worries if you need a later than September shipment date. 

Sponsored Posts
- When it comes to sponsored posts, all content must be family friendly. 
- Email me at mama4life07@gmail.com for my rates

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