Tax Interview with Lynn Ebel from H&R Block

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Are you stressed about doing taxes?

A survey found that two out 5 parents feel overwhelmed during tax season, according to a recent study from H&R Block.

In fact, one-third (33%) of moms surveyed would rather watch their child’s favorite show on repeat for a week if it meant not having to prepare their tax return.

I did a phone interview with Lynn Ebel manager at The Tax Institute at H&R Block.

Questions I asked her:

1. What did the survey reveal about how moms feel about tax season?

The survey revealed that moms are overwhelmed during tax season. More moms now are eligible for EIC (Earned Income Credit) and it's doubled more than it's been in past tax seasons.

2. What tax preparation tips do you have for busy moms that still need to file their taxes?

Remember they need to take their documents that they need for filing taxes with them, and a good thing to do is to use a checklist that H&R Block has. 

3. What advice do you give moms to help avoid surprises at tax time?

A checklist is an easy tool that H&R Block offers on their website and it's customized so you're ready for your tax appointment, or to file online if you choose to do it yourself. There are more choices that are great to offer help to moms. 

4. Where can busy moms go to find more information? 

They can find tax changes for things and any information that they may need for their tax filing, on H&R Block's website.

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