Getting Makena Injections During Your Pregnancy

When it comes to pregnancy, this is my fifth child. Our oldest who is now 11, was born six weeks early and had to spend 13 days in the NICU back in 2007 but he is our only child who was premature.

What are Makena injections you may ask?

When I got pregnant with our third child who is now almost four, we were told about an injection that could be done weekly that can/does prevent preterm labor, so we agreed that it'd be a good idea and couldn't hurt anything to do so with him, between 21 - 36 weeks pregnant. 

So, each week unless it was my appointment week in the office I had a home nurse come to our house to give the Makena injection. Which by the way, does not feel too good! But, hey it worked with him (I had him at 37 weeks 4 days) and it also worked with our youngest who is now two so I am happy about that. With our youngest, I got the shots from 16 - 35 weeks and had her at 39 weeks on the dot. 

If you have had a premature delivery in the past, your midwife or OB-GYN may suggest this option for your future pregnancies. I will start Makena with this baby, next week at my 16 week check up, and will schedule nurse home visits at that appointment as well. The nurse is the same one who gave the shots with our younger two so I am looking forward to catching up with her too!

You'll need to check to make sure that your insurance or state aid coverage (Medicaid) fully covers Makena if it's recommended to you during pregnancy, and if it's not fully covered be sure to ask how much you would owe per dose given, as it's usually given between 16 - 36 weeks pregnant. Thankfully for us, it's fully covered because I've heard the injections aren't very cheap to have to pay out of pocket for.

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