I'm Going to Be a Big Sister Sept 2019 T-Shirt

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from the Etsy shop Little Five Designs.

Are you expecting and want your younger child to announce with a shirt?

Whether you want a fun announcement or something simple, Little Five Designs is the place to shop. They have some adorable pregnancy announcement shirts and more. They also have birthday shirts, Valentine's Day shirts, St Patrick's Day shirts, and more to choose from on their shop!!

The thing I like most about the one I received is that it has the month and year of your due date, on the bottom in glitter, just specify the month and year in a message when placing your order!

I wanted to get our youngest a shirt to help show she's going to be a big sister. I got her a size bigger than what she wears as she will likely wear this to the hospital in September. She's 3T right now and this is 4T, so it's a little big but works good for what she's wearing it for, no problem.

She is almost two and doesn't know what's going on yet clearly, but likes having new shirts and it's adorable on her and in general. I love the bright colors and glitter too! They have many options for you to choose from which vary in price, so choose which you want/need, whether a onesie, t-shirt, etc for this. 

You can find this I'm Going To Be A Big Sister shirt for a great price. The size I got for the t-shirt is just $18 and you get free shipping in the USA too. I am having her wear this shirt to church tomorrow. I'm sure everyone will love it as much as I do, as well as her siblings.

You can follow Little Five Designs on Facebook and Instagram to see what their shop is up to! 

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