Adorable Construction Fitted One Size Cloth Diaper

*Disclaimer - My contributor received the product in this post for reviewing purposes from the Etsy shop Green Child Creations

Are you wanting to cloth diaper but not sure where to start?

Contributor Review for Chit Chat Mom from Christina:

Cloth diapering is very new to me and I unexpectedly had my son the other day, at 34 1/2 weeks so he isn't home yet from the NICU, but will be very soon and we're looking forward to using cloth diapers and once he's big enough to fit in it which will be in a couple pounds when he gets to 7 lbs and it will fit him until he's potty trained or 40 lbs with the waist and rise snaps I chose, we'll be using the one we were sent. 

I received it and it's absolutely adorable and we can't wait to use it for him. This is a construction designed cloth diaper which is a fitted one size diaper, and I decided to get the xtra waist/rise snaps for the closure of this diaper, which will work great for him. 

You can buy this diaper for just $16 if you'd like no closure for the diaper. The price varies depending on which type of closure you'd like on it, so be sure to check when looking at the diaper. 

Here is the inside of this cloth diaper as you can see. It's nicely put together and you'll need to purchase inserts separately as it's not included with the diaper shown here. You'll also need to buy a waterproof or water resistant diaper cover as well for this one. 

Newborns and smaller babies don't normally need inserts, as well as the fitted diaper, has the feature of the inner pocket to add the absorbency of your choice as baby grows and wets more. 

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