Absolutely Loving Her SRX Hoverboard from GoTrax

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post for reviewing purposes, from Go Trax. All opinions are my own.

Are your kids looking for a new way to have fun?

Our son has had two hoverboards total and our daughter who is 10 has been wanting one for at least that long and I was thrilled when I found out I could make that happen, thanks to Go Trax! She likes the color, aqua so I knew she'd enjoy the one I chose while she was at school.

She received the SRX LED Hoverboard with Speakers that she had found online and that a friend of theirs have, and she wanted me to try to get for her. I was thrilled when it arrived and she was really excited to try it out with the speakers. 

We FINALLY had a decent day when it was not too cold and wasn't flurrying or raining, so we went to the park with their hoverboards. As you can see, she got the hang of using it really fast.

This one is slightly different from the others that her brother had/has, as the part where your feet stand on, move as you do. She likes this part of it though and finds it easier to use.

We were there for at least 30 minutes while they rode their hoverboards and they had a fun time, and the batteries didn't die either! Which, is a huge plus. I love that we only live about a two-minute walk or so from a park with a walking path, which is perfect for them to ride their bikes and/or hoverboards around. 

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