Wall Murals – How to Use them to Make your Home More Beautiful?

An elegant, stylish interior arrangement is just within your reach. Forget spending a fortune on accessories and wasting weeks on time-consuming refurbishment. You only need one thing – an expressive wall mural that will completely transform your interior.
It's a simple solution suitable for a living room, a bedroom, as well as a child's room. Made of durable materials and easy to apply, wall murals are a decorative idea which has no equals.

Various stores offer thousands of mural designs – picturesque landscapes, abstract compositions, geometric patterns, or cityscapes of famous metropolises. However, today we'd like to focus on something totally different. We have an idea for a fashionable interior arrangement prepared by a specialist from Myloview.com. Let's see what he has to say:
My personal favorite designs are butterfly wall murals, although many people may consider them too childish. It all depends on the type of design you choose. As it turns out, there's a wide array of possibilities. Butterfly murals aren't limited only to childish designs. There are also macro photographs or romantic designs that help you capture that carefree, vacation atmosphere at any time of the year. One big advantage of such imagery is its ability to lighten even smaller interiors.
It doesn't really matter which room of your apartment needs refreshing. Butterfly designs work wonders in a living room, a bedroom, a nursery, or a bathroom. Just remember that for a bathroom, you'll need a waterproof mural printed on a breathable material. Let's see a few of the arrangement ideas prepared by the Myloview expert.
A light living room
A butterfly wall mural is more than just a stunning design. It's also the best way to visually enlarge a small room. How is that possible? You need to choose a three-dimensional design. One great example is a picturesque meadow, dotted with flowers and full of these graceful, winged insects. This 3D decoration will create an illusion of extra space, letting you see the interior in a completely new light. The idyllic motive is suitable for both traditional and modern arrangements. In the former, it creates a harmonious whole, while in the latter, it warms up spaces dominated by modern design. Another option is a spectacular macro photograph depicting an extreme close-up of the insect. It gives you a chance to see butterflies from a whole new perspective. Sitting on top a colorful plant, the lovely creature becomes a remarkably original decoration.

If you want your decoration to be as durable as possible, you should choose a vinyl mural. Not only is it resistant to all kinds of mechanical damage and UV rays, it also allows the walls to breathe, because it doesn't block water vapor – explained our expert.
Sleeping with butterflies
An exotic arrangement in your bedroom will introduce an aura of relaxation into your home. The decoration makes it easier to fall asleep, and it inspires you to start your day with a positive attitude. Consider using a graphical butterfly wall mural for that purpose. What does it depict? Colorful insects flying among tropical plants. They include giant, intensely green palm fronds and Swiss cheese plants, as well as exotic hibiscuses and orchids. Though colorful and expressive, the design is also characterized by subtlety and tranquility, which makes it a perfect choice for a relaxing bedroom. Alternatively, you might also opt for a retro version of the mural. In this case, the colors are very soft and exude a vintage aura.
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Ideal for a girl's room
When rejuvenating the look of your home, don't forget about your child's room. The youngest members of your family should also be able to play in beautiful surroundings. The Myloview interior design specialist has chosen a design which will help you create breathtaking arrangements with a flick of the fingers:
What is a guaranteed success in arranging a beautiful room for a girl? A butterfly fairy wall mural. It's a wonderful idea for any little girl who looks up to characters from cartoons or bedtime stories. Magical fairies in the images will become friendly companions to play with. The idea is also suitable for slightly older children, who enjoy reading fantasy novels. Elegantly dressed elves hidden among the trees can create a truly enchanting atmosphere in any interior.

The transformation from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly is an example of an incredible metamorphosis. If you wish your interiors to undergo such a transformation as well, refresh your home with marvelous arrangements using butterfly murals. These types of decorations are at the pinnacle of interior design.  

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