Valentine's Day is More Fun with FlyBar for Kids

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post for reviewing purposes, from FlyBar

Are your kids wanting a new scooter? 

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Our kids love Valentine's Day and the fun that comes with it, with candy and Valentine's Day parties at school, and more! Well, this year they were excited to find that they get a scooter and helmet, and skateboard to share from FlyBar

This time, our oldest son got a scooter and he can't wait to use it more in the spring once there's no chance of snow in sight, when we go to the park a lot. And to go with it, he got a helmet, which is neat because it matches.

Our daughter is 10 and she got a new pogo stick since she already has a nice pink scooter, as well as a helmet to match! She's excited because she has wanted one for quite awhile now, and she got red! 

Here is her helmet to go with it.

The final product received is the skateboard that they'll be sharing, although our son is the one that knows how to ride it. It also came with a helmet. I love the colors and he does too. 

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