Men Will Love the Firm Duck Double-Front Work Dungaree Pants & Knee Pads

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Carhartt, in order to facilitate this post. 

Are you looking for a good pair of work pants?

These pants are made to be compatible with the Carhartt Knee Pads, which my husband received two of and they have been a great help! These are made to allow the knee pads to go right in the pants where the knees are of course. This helps with several things, and one of those things is if you spend a lot of time on your knees during your work day whether you're a mechanic or contractor, they are built to last and are made to be comfortable too! 

They're durable and are made to last as long as your pants will. You can buy these for $39.99 on the Carhartt website. The sizes they come in are: small, medium, and large so pick the one that will work the best for your pant size and go from there. 

The pants in this post are known as Firm Duck Double-Front Work Dungaree and can be purchased for just $49.99 on the Carhartt website! The one thing my husband recommends for sizing on these pants is to order a size bigger than you normally wear. He has never had a pair of Carhartt pants to not fit correctly, but these were a bit tight which is why he's not pictured in this post with them on. He is hoping they'll fit when he loses some weight over the summer, and he will update this post at that time.

You can see in the below picture where the knee pads can be inserted if you decide to buy a pair for these pants, and they fit in perfectly. To see how exactly to insert the knee pads, see this video HERE to watch how. 

You can see in this last picture that these pants like many of the ones that Carhartt sells, has a place for you to hold some of your tools. This is my husband's favorite type of pants to buy for work because they can hold some of his tools safely with no issue. 

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